Woman, you need to be touched!


If we talked about masculinity, let’s talk also about the feminine energy in Tantra.

Women are different from men, they feel differently, they have different needs and react differently to external stimuli. They are more sensitive, more emotional, and Tantra helps us fully understand these aspects.


In neuroscience, it is known that women have a much more active brain in connections, which are triggered by emotions. She can feel an event several times more intensely and colourfully, because she has the necessary tools in her biological structure for this. At the same time, a large part of a woman’s emotions can also come from sensations. Being much more sensitive, when she is touched, a woman instantly reacts to these stimuli, producing an immediate connection in the brain, with pleasant or unpleasant events. Another interesting aspect is that the events stored in the brain can be rewritten by experiencing pleasant, intense sensations. Basically, there is a switch between information and the last experience remains the basis. This also requires a level of presence and awareness in this healing process.


It is very important for a woman to be touched with care, tenderness and pleasure.

Tantric massage can be therapeutic for women who are rigid, frigid and who have psychological trauma related to physical abuse. A tantric massage awakens a woman’s confidence, security and pleasure throughout her body. The more she is present and aware of her body, the more she can reach intense states of orgasm, without the need for penetration or a sexual act. Orgasm means energy released throughout the body. When this energy is directed with a strong intention, for example to heal a trauma, then a neural process takes place, through which a past negative information is rewritten with a present one. Practically, the energy of pleasure and even orgasm can help women heal their traumas stored deep in the subconscious. And what’s more pleasant than getting to know yourself, healing yourself and flourishing using the energy of pleasure?


Tantra says that women are naturally endowed with an immense capacity to experience sensorial acts and emotions. This can also be a disadvantage if the woman does not know how to touch herself with love, does not value her physical and mental health and does not care what she does with her body.

Superficial sexual experiences can bring many imbalances in a woman’s life. Because she will store information about how she is touched and this can become a dangerous landmark for her psyche. Tantric massage therapy helps the woman to have a starting point in terms of conscious touch, the sensations of pure pleasure when she is caressed and the confidence that she is in a safe environment with good intention. 

All over the modern world, therapists recommend massage for women with emotional problems. The difference between a classic relaxation massage and the tantric massage for women is that through Tantra, the woman manages to go beyond the physical. Through the tantric massage, the physical body and mind are relaxed, and then she goes into a state of awareness of one’s own pleasure, sensual touch and self-confidence.


With so many benefits, tantric massage should be a routine for women who want to have physical and mental health. What are you waiting for?