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Tantra massage experiences

  • Joyful Touch
  • KR 1600 / 60 min
  • Pure eroticism mixed with sensual touches, our massage will take you to a journey full of pleasure in all your body. Discover a new perspective of body to body massage, including lingam massage and reconnect with your being.

    Couple massage /  4 hands massage

    3200 KR – 60 min

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  • KR 2000 / 90 min
  • Take your time to relax and enchanting all your senses. Through sensual movements and soft touches, our body to body massage, including lingam massage, will open for you the gates for pleasure, eroticism and fantasy.

    Couple massage / 4 hands massage

    4000 KR – 90 min

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  • Ecstatic Touch
  • KR 2500 / 120 min
  • Dive into pleasure and sensuality, in our most requested massage, a full Tantra body to body, including lingam massage.  Prepare yourself to live a unique type of orgasm, to be guided for living an ecstatic tantric experience.

    Couple massage / 4 hands massage

    5000 KR – 120 min

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  • VIP Tantric Touch
  • KR 4900 / 180 min
  • Try the king experience in our place!
    Sensual dance, tantric massage and ritual shower. For 3 hours, you will be delighted by our gorgeous girls. You’ll be invited to watch a very sensual dance, where the eroticism goes beyond your imagination and continuing with an intense tantric massage, body to body. The adventure of pleasure will go on in a ritual shower, letting your body and mind to live an unique erotic experience.

    4900 KR – 180 min

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Extra delight

Ritual Tantra Shower


Rediscover the purifying power of water, in a Tantric ritual shower. Our therapists will assist you in this magic and sensual journey. Soft touches, cozy atmosphere and intimacy will make your body relax and feel pleasure.

4 Hands Tantra Massage

3200 KR – 60 min | 4000 KR – 90 min | 5000 KR – 120 min

Find your balance and increase pleasure in this wonderful experience. Let yourself surprised by the sensuality and eroticism of two therapists, enjoying this 4 hands massage. Full body massage, including lingam massage, double pleasure and infinite bliss.

Discover our collection of Special Body Massages:

Ultimate masculine experience

NOK 3500

Be fascinated by our unique experience, 2 hours body to body tantric massage, including 50 minutes of lingam massage, the best massage a man can have.

Naked Therapy

NOK 500

The sensual body and attitude of our therapist, will get completely naked for you in an erotic massage session, where all your stress will disappear , so that your body and mind will be filled with pleasure, desire and excitement.

``Give HER pleasure`` Massage

NOK 900

Some of our guests asked to give pleasure through soft touches to our sensual therapists. So, we were creating this special session where you can give a nice massage to the woman who is guiding you into the Tantra world. This can also be a good practice for giving a quality massage to your lover. So, if you have this desire, we invite you to discover this experience. We count on your respect and good behaviour, so that both of you can have a wonderful session.

``With her FEET`` Massage

NOK 400

What, this is possible? If you like to be massaged with feet, just ask for this kind of session. Many of our clients find this type of touching very relaxing and good for their muscles after hard working on gym. And why not for pleasure? YES, we do it! We like our open-minded guests who dare to try our special massages, if they have this kind of fantasy. Everything, of course, in a respectful and playful atmosphere with the therapist.