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For thousands of years, Tantra was a path for those who wanted to discover themselves, to discover sensuality in a pleasant way and to achieve higher states working with body’s energy. In our days, Tantra is still an amazing path for those who dare to live incredible sensorial experiences. Tantric massage is a sensual therapy that can help you in many ways to understand yourself and the connection with the world. Because it has so many benefits and involves pleasure, one who tries it once, can’t forget this experience.

The most common benefit of a tantric massage is reducing depression and relieving the stress accumulated during the day. The movements of the therapist, the ambient, peaceful music and candles, all of these makes a perfect relaxation place, so that your mind and body can deeply relax.

This type of massage help you to release negative energy and to increase your emotional potential. It means that after a deep relaxation, your emotional body starts to vibrate, to slowly awake. This will give you the opportunity to open your heart, to feel better the good vibe around you, to get more empathic with people and developing more and more conscious love.

And through empathy, the one how experience tantric massage, can also have a better sexual performance and better relationships. How come? It’s simple! Awakening step by step your higher erotically energy, you get to know what your lover wants in bed, you will have a better communication, a bigger desire and self-confidence.

Tantra massage can be one of the best therapy for sexual problems and blockages. Knowing your body, knowing the type of pleasure you can get, you learn to control your sexual energy, your desires and step by step you release all sexual obstacles. Yes, Tantra Massage can give you the freedom to express, to live higher pleasure and to have access to a higher form of eroticism without any frustration.

Your body can have a lot of benefits from this type of massage, even after hard gym working or old injuries. The muscles will relax and the brain will release happiness hormones that will help your body to get better after a big effort.

And one of the most important benefit is that your mood will definitely change into positive and optimistic one. At the end of the tantric massage session you will feel alive, self-confident, powerful and deeply relaxed. What a wonderful state to live every day of your life!

Tantra massage can bring magic into your life again, that’s the secret benefit!

Your massage


Curios to know how a tantric massage session goes?

First, our therapists welcome you in our intimate and elegant place. The ambiance here is relaxed, full of elements that will awake all your senses. We have natural essences for aromatherapy, calm music, cozy lights, modern and pleasant vibe. You can have a good tea or a glass of water, on demand.

Also, we can guaranty you a very secure and safe place. No other person will get in touch with you, except our therapist.

You will be invited to have a shower. We use only organic products and safe for your skin. The shower can be assisted if you want. You’ll be enjoying the soft and pleasant touches of our therapist. After the shower, you’ll be invited in the massage room, in a more erotically environment.

Our selected music will guide the session to a special experience, sometimes softer, sometimes intense. The therapist will start massage all your body with organic oil, using tantric techniques. The desire can grow more and more, that’s the point where your erotically energy starts to be awakened.  You’ll be introduced into the tantric knowledge. How to use erotic energy? Why to be aware of this enormous energy in your body? Why you need Tantra in your daily life? These, and many more, will be explained in theory and practice, by our sweet therapists.

If your body will start to react and if you will get an erection, that’s perfectly fine and the therapist will know what to do next, in order to offer you a wonderful and ecstatic time.

We recommend you to let go all your expectations and to enjoy the present moment, the sensations in your body and the delightful of this tantric massage.

At the end of the session, you can choose to have a shower or not. The energies are very high and it’s not always recommended to shower, because you can lose much of the benefits.

Body to Body


Tantric Massage is made by our therapist in a very special way, so that you can live an authentic Tantric experience.

All your body is involved into this journey; all your senses are invited to open.

This type of massage includes a body to body technique. Means that the therapists will massage you using all her body, sensual caresses with her hair, intense touches with her arms, hands and the rest of the body. The organic oil that we use, it allows the body to relax and also to have a playful attitude. There is a very special moment when the therapist can touch your chest or the top of your head. That’s the moment where you can deeply relax and feel the flow of the energy, the mystical tantric vibe. Breathing slowly can help you be aware of the pure Eros that this experience can make you feel. You’re basically into a magic world, where the games of energies and of the polarities are flowing harmonious.

If you are a woman, you can also enjoy a body to body massage. Even if you are shy or not open for another woman’s touch, you can ask for a softer massage. This can lead to a very deep relaxation and states of profound peace. In many situations, women get to free their mind, to enjoy the pleasure they feel in their body and to live states of orgasm for the first time, just by touches and pressing special energetically points, that our therapists will know where they are located. So, if the orgasm sounds good to you, the body to body massage can also be a great try for a woman.

In all the situation, as a man or as a woman, if something you don’t like or you feel it’s too much, you have to talk with the therapists. She will slow down the movements and will make you enjoy the session.

This type of massage, included in Tantra massage, has a lot of benefits on the energetically level. During the session, the good energy will start to grow a lot in your body and mind, being easier to control the sexual one. Overall, being in close contact with our therapists, like body to body, will bring you a lot of refined pleasure and will improve your ability to be empathic.

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Massages for Men

Our Tantric Touch massage for him is an erotic, sensual, and truly fulfilling journey through full of pleasure and relaxation. A true exploration and expansion of your senses, guided by the ancient tradition of tantrism founded on awakening your erotic, sensual energy.

Massages for Women

Our Tantric Touch massage for her is an experience designed specifically for women. Reconnect with your femininity choosing the sensual massage designed for your femininity using deep movements, breathing techniques, and gentle touches full of erotism.

Massages for couples

Our Tantric Touch couples massage is an opportunity to take your relationship to a new level. Experience bonding and strengthen both your physical and spiritual connection, while enjoying a full body massage together.


And we have the benefit of wonderful Overwhelming touch. We could say unforgettable and overwhelming! We will definitely return to deepen these ecstatic states! Thank you!


A wonderful and beautiful experience that I will never forget. Beautiful girls, beautiful rooms, in short, very beautiful. Thanks, Tantric Touch!

David Wik

I recommend the professionalism of the services offered! Heavenly Touch and Ritual Shower are wonderful, it fulfilled my desires as well as the needs of my soul! Thank you!

Alexis Adams