Solve your attraction problems through Tantra massage

 In our days, more and more people are complaining about lack of attraction and polarity in their relationship or in daily life.  

What is polarity and why we need it?

Generally speaking, polarity is the force of attraction that 2 elements can have. In the nature we have many examples of polarity, day and night, light and dark, masculine and feminine and so on. Human being is created by the polar elements and all our body and life is around polarity. Basically, we cannot exist as a species without polarity. Exactly as in nature, into our body and mind of a human being, there is this necessity of having the polar element. That’s why, in a normal relationship, the man need to be attracted by the woman and the woman to be attracted by the man, so that a connection can be created for a intimate purpose . 

When we go deeper into our emotional level, we can be attracted by a specific energy. But the reason that many relationships have this problem, is that they don’t get to know each other from the energetically point of view, because they are not aware of their own energy. And the connection cannot go deeper. 

Why tantric massage is a solution for attraction problems?

Tantra is about connection at the energetically level, about emotional connection and being present into the experience. Everything we do, we must be aware of the energy that we get and we give. Knowing your partner from this perspective, leads to a bigger opening and intimacy.  But you cannot get there if you, as a person, you’re closed. 

Tantric massage can learn you how to open yourself and how to be in touch with your desires. Eroticism is one of the biggest tool we have to explore ourselves. Having a wonderful massage, with soft touches, sensual movements and rising erotic energy,  can tell you what your body and soul wants from your partner too. 

Of course, the best thing is that both of the partners can have this awakening of the senses through tantric massage, so that can both learn from this experience.

So, one of the benefits you have from this type of massage is that you, as a man, you discover and awake more and more your masculinity. You become more erotically active and this leads to a better sexual life. The feminine energy in your life will notice instinctively this change and pooof!… the attraction is back there. What is more attractive for a woman, then a man who is aware of his masculinity and he is manifesting that harmoniously, wanting to make love with her, sharing his desires and fantasise?

And for the women is the same, after they become conscious about their body, sensuality and desires, they can easily open to receive the masculine energy in their life, longing for connection and intimate interaction from his man. And tantric massage is the best option to discover that, because some blockages can be solved and sensuality can be awakened.

Even the society believes that attraction is all about how you look and what you wear, ancient science and knowledge can help us understand is way more than that, much deeper then the physical body. Attraction is a  matter of energy, of connection and how to keep in balance the two elements: masculine and feminine.