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In our times the role of the woman is more and more the same as the man’s. She works like a man, she acts like a man, even she dresses like a man. And inside she is often frustrated.

The woman needs to understand that she is different from the man, that she has unique qualities that makes her loved. Sensuality, eroticism, kindness, femininity are just some qualities that the woman needs to manifest in order to maintain the polarity in the relationships.

A beautiful awakened woman, aware of her feminine energies, becomes a magnet of prosperity, love and eroticism.


You are designed

For pleasure!

Did you know that the woman has an extraordinary organ, the clitoris, who’s only function is to feel pleasure? And that the woman’s body has three times more erogenous zones then a man?

The woman can feel an intense and longer orgasm then a man, also multiple orgasms, if she is open to experience eroticism from a different perspective.

Even the physical body says that the woman was design by nature to feel more pleasure.

In our place, we teach women to have a tantric orgasm and to enjoy their body.



Can heal!

In tantric texts the woman is depicted with a perfect ability to transform the sexual pleasure into love and spiritual creative energy. The yoni was regarded as sacred because it was seen as the source of all creation…. but we were not educated on how to use our potential. Therefore, the best gift you can give to yourself is the tantra massage, in order to unfold the secrets behind it! So you can experience a tantric massage in the most profound way possible, go deeper into relaxation and pleasure with every breath. The massage will be adapted to your needs, to the insights and intuitions of the therapist (that will be a woman), and to the communications of what you feel and desire. The massage is meant to awaken your erotic energy and spread it with delightful touches throughout your entire body, but the key is to surrender yourself in pleasure, relax and let that energy expand your mind with every breath. During the massage it will be possible to receive a yoni (female sexual organ) massage, we highly recommend it because it has a tremendous healing power.

Yoni massage

The secret pleasure!

In Sanskrit, “yoni” is the word for sexual feminine organ, meaning “source”. The modern woman must be aware of the big power that can have, awakening the erotic energy of the yoni. That’s why, Tantra Massage can be a very good way to learn more, to practice and to discover your own feminine secrets, through sensuality and pure eroticism.

How is

A yoni massage?

Our therapists are specialized in Tantric Massage. You will receive the best information about Tantra. Also, we have a beautiful place, intimate and cozy. The session starts with a relaxation massage to all your body. More you relax, more your mind calms down. This is the moment when you can dive into pleasure and let yourself free to experience extraordinary things. The therapists will start massage you more intensely, alternating the slow, soft movements with intense and long ones, pressing energetically point and releasing the stress. As much you are open, the touches can continue to your erogenous zones, to make you feel waves of pleasure in all your body. Anytime you want, the therapist can stop, helping you to relax deeply. The pick of the yoni massage is the orgasms you can feel in all your body, differently from any other orgasms you had. Also, as much as you are open, this can be a spiritual experience, making you aware of the present moment, of the connection with your true nature as a woman. You can learn how to use this big energy in your benefit, to create, to improve your relationships and life areas.

So, woman, make yourself one of the best gifts ever, discovering the benefits of a tantric massage!

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Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

1600 Kr

Come into a wonderful journey, in a very intimate and cozy environment, to discover more about your sensuality and erotic pleasure. Joyful Touch Massage, a 60 minutes’ tantric massage, is designed for curious women to explore a state of deep relaxation, sensual touches and breathing techniques to calm their mind.

*This session does not include yoni massage.

Blissful Touch

90 min

2000 Kr

Is a 90 minutes body massage that can help women to reconnect with their feminine energy, through sensual touches, in a very careful way. Our tantric techniques are designed to relax the body and to go slowly into a sweet state of pleasure, as much as the women is open to experience.

*Yoni massage optional.

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

2500 Kr

Our deep healing full body massage for 120 minutes, will make your whole being live a spiritual experience, through tantric massage techniques, breathing and delicate erotic touches. Now you can let yourself guided into the unknown of the erotic pleasure.

*Yoni massage optional.

Naked Therapy


500 Kr

The sensual body and attitude of our therapist, will get completely naked for you in an erotic massage session, where all your stress will disappear , so that your body and mind will be filled with pleasure, desire and excitement.