Tantric Massage

Massages for Couples



There is nothing more powerful in the universe than the power of love. This is the reason why we invite you to awaken your erotic energy and transform it through the harmonizing tantric massage into an ocean of love and consciousness.

The tantric massage for couples is a true blessing because this experience is in the same time a possibility for your relationship to go to a deeper level of connection and satisfaction, a delightful openness and intimacy that can take you closer to each other’s heart.

In this way you will learn how to caress each other and how to take your relationship to a whole new level, were you can learn conscious love, conscious touch, profound feelings, sublime and delicious intimacy that will make your connection far stronger and fulfilling than ever before.

Beside the deeply harmonizing massage, we will share with you few tips to achieve new levels of understanding and practice during love making.

This type of massage will not only reignite the passion but can transform the sensuality in your relationship and create a long-lasting and deep bonding relationship.

Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

1300 Kr

Joyful Touch is a 60 min dive into the wonderful states of eroticism, pleasure and fantasy.A clear and affectionate touch or a tender caress often counts for much more than a thousand words and can transform the way you connect with the loved one.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.

Blissful Touch

90 min

1700 Kr

Blissful Touch is a 90 min sensual body massage that will allow you to relax and reconnect in the most intimate and sensual way possible with your partner.This type of massage has the effect of deepening of pure eros states, that will transform your perspective on sensuality, eroticism, intimacy experienced in a couple.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

2200 Kr

Ecstatic Touch is a deluxe and deep sensual full body massage for 120 min.In this session, you will benefit of yoni and lingam massage, which increase the mutual appreciation and erotic attraction of each other.The effects of this tantric massage will not only be felt for a longer period of time but will also trigger deep transformations in love meetings.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.