Tantric Massage

Massages for Couples

Discover Together!

Being in love it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Having an open-minded couple means that you are both able to express and manifest desires, deep intimacy and fantasy.

Experiencing a tantric massage can help you understand, complete and find the other one’s desires. Through deep and intense touches, your bodies will get excited and the erotic energy awakened. Form this moment, let yourself flow into this mysterious path, where pleasure and spirituality get together. This is where your tantric couple journey starts.

Play together!

Our therapists will teach both of you Tantric techniques and breathing techniques, to achieve the tantric deep pleasure and orgasms in all the body. This you can also practice home with your lover, discovering more and more the pleasure that you can both have. Experience the sweetness of Tantra and delicious states of intimacy and pure eroticism, learning how to caress each other, taking your relationship into a higher level of understanding and communication.

Enjoy together!

Couple massage experience can bring in your relationship a new perspective of love. Tantra it’s not only about eroticism, is also about connection, intimacy, healing and harmonious energies. That’s why, discovering together this lovely path of love, through massage, through sensuality and intense touches, can develop your relationship in ways that you cannot imagine. You can reach a spiritual level of love and intimacy, achieving mystical states of orgasm and love. So, what can be more beautiful then live a spiritual experience with the person you are in love?

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Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

3200 Kr

If you and your lover want to experience new ways of pleasure, Joyful Touch Massage can be a nice and spicy option. This 60 minutes’ massage helps both of you to relax, to enjoy states of eroticism and sensuality that will make you more connected to each other.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.

Blissful Touch

90 min

4000 Kr

Our 90 minutes’ sensual body massage, Blissful Massage, is made for couples who wants to deeply relax and reconnect in the most intimate and sensual way possible. Tantric techniques that our therapists will learn you, can help you improve your couple relationship, discovering more each other’s needs and desire. Enjoy together this intense erotic experience.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

5000 Kr

Ecstatic Touch Massage is the complete erotic couple experience including full body massage for 120 min. In this type of massage, you can live tantric spiritual states, through deep intimacy, sensuality and breathing techniques that make both of you to dive into the secrets of Tantric path.

*Yoni and lingam massage optional.

Naked Therapy


500 Kr

The sensual body and attitude of our therapist, will get completely naked for you in an erotic massage session, where all your stress will disappear , so that your body and mind will be filled with pleasure, desire and excitement.