Let’s talk about your masculinity!

To be a man in our times is not easy. We understand you! A man should face a lot of problems and rules of our modern society. 

First, the masculine energy now is defined different then 100 years ago. A masculine energy is seen as an emotional controller, a kind person and adaptive. Nothing wrong with that, but the balance is the key. 

As a man is good to be aware of your emotions, of your ability to be kind and soft, but don’t forget that the masculine energy means also power, action, dynamism and polarity. 

Let’s talk about polarity! That mysterious force that makes us crave about a human being, makes us desire a person. It means we have an energy that gets polarized, attracted by another type of energy.  So, in this case, the masculine is polarized by the feminine energy.  

If you understand your true nature as a man, not as a society slave, you understand that is indicated to manifest your masculinity. It means to act as a man, think as a man and feel as a man. By definition a pure masculine energy is about physical and mental power, is having solutions for everything and having control of the energies (not only emotions). 

Tantra teach us that everything in the Universe is based by this polarity between masculine and feminine. It explains how these two should be in harmony, not cutting or switching the role of one to another. 

In real life, we tend to switch the polarity. Many women are aggressive, controlling and tend to be powerful in everything. Also, they tend to forget about their feminine qualities and manifestations. That’s why the men in their lives are not attracted anymore by them. 

On the other hand, men also tend to become more feminine, to exaggerate with emotional dramas and needy mood, tend to express less masculinity and erotic desire, waiting for the woman to do the things. 

Guys, generally speaking, we are not attracted by you if you are complaining about everything, if you’re acting like a child and if you are waiting for the things to happen and not having any initiative. 

You need to learn about yourself and control your reactions and emotions, not because it’s not good…it’s just not attractive for us, women.  

How you learn to do that?  

First, you have to observe yourself in your interaction with the feminine energy. How you manage it? What do you think about yourself? Reflect on your behavior and see if you are 100% into masculinity. If yes, then you need to work to your emotional level, to control it so good, so that the feminine should follow you. If you thing about yourself you’re not in 100% masculine energy, see what is the issue. Can be a trauma, a frustration or a past deception. Whatever blocks you to manifest masculinity, it needs to be seen and solved. 

Tantra massage is one of the tool that helps a man becoming aware of his masculinity. Discovering his eroticism, experiencing new dimensions of erotic energy, a man is polarized again by the feminine energy. And being conscious about his energy, a man can regain his desire to manifest masculinity. 

Of course, in an intimate interaction as love making or a massage, it depends a lot of the woman involved, what are her intentions and what she can do in order to obtain this magical polarization. Our therapists are trained to have the right attitude and intentions, in order to help you understand and manifest your masculine energy. 

After you know yourself from this perspective, you can work on healing or improving that thing that keeps you away from the masculine energy. 

Tantra massage can make you aware of your blockages too. During the massage, some can experience shame or not being completely open to dive into the erotic energy. 

Put some light into that frustration and discover where it begins and how can be healed. 

And no, healing traumas is not just for feminine energy. Healing traumas can give you power, can regain trust and can bring you into action mood. Already into masculine energy. And that can become sexy for the person next to you. 

When we talk about masculinity, we talk also about erection.  The sign of a healthy and powerful man, can be a strong erection or the capacity of having an erection.

Why a man doesn’t have an erection, though?

Except medical problems, a man needs to be in the masculine energy so that the erection can happen. Also, his mind has to be controller. A weak mind can easily get emotionally and even the attraction is big, the erection is not there.  And we already discuss about the masculine energy and how it can be improved, what instruments you have to know about your energy. 

When you go deeper into Tantra knowledge, you find many other tools. 

Tantra speaks about the ideal masculine power in the world and if you understand the principle of it, you can easily get into resonance with that power. 

A Tantric massage is one of the best option to see where you are with your masculine energy. Every touch you experience is able to give you answers. Every desire that you may have can tell you about yourself.  Take time to discover yourself in a way deeper than before. 

To be a man is an honor, is a gift. To be a man means a unique capacity to lead, to be strong and to sustain life.  Masculine energy is the pillar of this world and the men just need to manifest it in a more conscious way. 

Let’s learn together about masculine energy and polarity and make a harmonious environment for all types of relationships in your life. 

Tantra is also a gift for those who dare to go deeper into the mystery of life, of energies and beyond physical body. 

 So, being a man is a gift, being a conscious man  is a choice!