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Daily stress, business rush and relationship problems can make you feel exhausted.

We invite you to a great relaxation massage, involving pleasure, sensuality and deep eroticism. In a cozy, intimate place, discreet and warm atmosphere, our beautiful therapists have prepared for you a tantric experience that you’ll never forget. Tantra Massage is designed to make you pleasure, through erotic touches, breathing techniques, body to body sensation and sweet moments with a sensual woman. But, guess what? That’s not all. Let us share with you some of our secrets:

Dare for


Pleasure can be the antidote for stress. When you feel pleasure, your brain releases happiness hormones, making your body and mind relaxed. Our beautiful girls will help you enjoy sensuality and eroticism in a higher level, in the same time awakening your eroticism. Curves, body to body touches, skin to skin, you start to be aware of all the point of interaction, living fully the present moment. Sounds tempting? There is more…

Lingam massage

Special for you!

“Lingam” in the Sanskrit word for penis, symbol of generative power. It is associated with active masculine power.

Our therapist is specialized in this type of massage that can have 3 stages:

First she will spoil you with hands, breasts, thighs and hair. Then, step by step, through a very erotic oily body to body massage, you will start to awake the pleasure in all your body.

The beautiful therapist will make a special massage in your erogenous zone, her hands will slip easily in a sensual and skillful way, stimulating and awakening the erotic pleasure in the lingam area. Intensity and sensuality are now at a very high point.

Through breathing soft techniques, waves of pleasure will be released in all your body. Here comes the second stage, that in this state of full body pleasure you can open your heart. The caressing becomes slower and more intimate. The intense desire is dived into a state of harmony and inner peace.

In the third stage your being will cross beyond limits and you will feel a perfect harmony between heart, mind and body. This process can get you close to a tantric ecstatic experience.

Become a

Great man!

Being aware of your erotic energy will make you a man that all the women wants. This tantric journey that we propose you, is about improving your sexual experiences, developing charisma, the power of attraction and most important, making you a better person. You will be able to understand better and to open your heart and mind.

All of this through sensuality, eroticism and intense pleasure that you will find in our Tantra Massage place.

Take the


You don’t need to have information in advance, we will share with you all the things that will help you to live this experience. In a high-quality environment, with beautiful therapists specialized in Tantra, we offer you the perfect place for an intense erotic experience.

We invite you to this erotic journey, to see for yourself the benefits of a tantric massage and to discover the secrets of the lingam massage, the essential power of a man!

We also recommend reading the article ,,Let’s talk about your masculinity”.

Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

1600 Kr

Joyful Touch Massage will take you into a 60 minutes’ journey where you can experience eroticism, pleasure, and intensity. Pleasant touches will bring you to the heights of sensuality through a special erotic massage. This type of massage includes lingam massage, made for a better understanding of your own eroticism.

Blissful Touch

90 min

2000 Kr.

We invite you to relax and to enjoy fully pleasure, excitement and ecstasy. Step by step, guided by our therapists, you will be able to awake your erotic energy, to control it and to live tantric orgasms. Blissful Touch Massage is a 90 minutes’ full body massage including body to body and lingam massage.

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

2500 Kr

Our Deluxe Tantric Massage is a full body and lingam massage, that can make you live one of the best erotic experience that you can have. We offer you 120 minutes of deep pleasure, sensuality and pure Eros energy. All this can make you achieve spiritual erotic levels, through pleasure and awareness.

VIP Tantric Touch

180 min

4900 Kr

Sensual dance, tantric massage and ritual shower. For 3h, you will be delighted by our beautiful girls. You’ll be watching an amazing dance and continuing with an intense tantric massage, body to body. The pleasure will go on in a ritual shower, where your body and mind will live an unique experience.

Discover our collection of

Special Body Massages

Naked Theraphy

NOK 500

The sensual body and attitude of our therapist, will get completely naked for you in an erotic massage session, where all your stress will disappear , so that your body and mind will be filled with pleasure, desire and excitement.

Power Lingam

Double Time Massage
NOK 600

Yes, we know you want more, so we doubled the time for Lingam massage experience. Now you can go deeper into this tantric journey, guided by our sensual therapists.

Nipples Secret Touch

NOK 600

Let’s us spoil your face and your body with sensual breasts and warm nipples massage, that will give you the taste of Heaven.

Longer Is Better

NOK 600

Now you can spend extra time for body-to-body tantric massage. Feel the touch, the pleasure and the oily skin of our therapists longer… and deeper.