Awakening pure eroticism

Discover the bliss of a tantric massage session.

The tantric massage is one of the most blissful ways of healing, it is a combination of pleasurable long touches with reflexology massage, with deep breathing techniques and creative visualizations. This kind of massage is using your body’s energy field for healing. The organs that are producing most energy in your body are your lungs, through breathing, and your sexual ones, which we will massage on the reflexology points to create an outburst of sublime healing energy.

This means that it is possible for you to have a yoni / lingam massage (the name in Sanskrit for the sexual organs) if you want to. We really recommend it because it is an important psychosomatic therapy with fantastic results!

Don’t worry we will keep it very professional, but also gentile, loving and caring!

Either you choose to come by yourself or with your beloved, we will assure you an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort. You can be free of unnecessary feelings of shame or discomfort so that you can find the courage to explore yourself in the deepest realms of your being.

The tantric massage is a powerful tool for healing. The genital organs are a perfect bodily mirror, on their area exists the reflexology points of all our organs, brain, limbs, the entire body. All the negative emotions, stress, any reasons for depression and exhaustion that gather into your body will be blissfully disrupted and moved upwards, step by step, through the erotic massage of your intimate area.

Each session is different and it usually follows your personal needs and the intuition of the therapist. We encourage you to breathe and let go, allow your body to go to a deeper sense of pleasure and awareness.

In some of the cases, while massaging the reflexology points combined with pleasurable sensual movements, the energy will start moving upwards, sometimes with intensity, and that fact will cause you a state of catharsis.

The catharsis is an intense tremor of the body that may be followed by laughing, crying, happiness without any reason, deeper understanding. In this way you will have the opportunity to transform the negative feelings and energies into vibrant health and a sea of joy and delight. You will feel your body’s energy field expanded into a euphoric floating state. This is a very intimate and vulnerable hypostasis and for that we want you to show trust and allow yourself to have this deeply transforming experience, in order to be profoundly healed, happy, empowered. Relax to the maximum possible, because this will allow the flow of energy to become wider and wider, and therefore to result in a sublime state of expansion and bliss.

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