Am I safe from Covid19 when I come to do a massage?

Yes, you’re safe! We have very strict measures regarding the health of our therapist in this Covid19 world situation. We disinfect all the elements that gets in touch with our guests, each time after a massage session. We also have a clean place, daily disinfected, checked and approved by sanitary authorities. Also, in special cases, if a client shows some flu symptoms, we kindly recommend him to postpone the session for a day when he feels better.

Tantra Massage has any negative effects on my body?

There are no negative effects regarding this type of massage. Only good things can happen in your body, in your mind, as much as you are open to experience. In any case, our well-prepared therapists will know what to do. You are on safe hands, literally!

What can I learn from Tantra Massage?

This tantric experience can also bring you a lot of knowledge. You can learn how to open yourself to sensual and soft touches, what parts of your body are more sensitive and where you like to be touched. We like to have premium services, that so we have well-selected therapists, also with experience in Tantric practice. If you are interested, they will guide you for more tantric information and techniques.

Tantric Massage can help me solving sexual problems?

Tantra may be one of the best therapy for your sexual problems. You can eliminate sexual and mental blockages using our techniques. You can also learn how to control your energy, how to maintain a longer erection and have better love making.  For sure, your lover will notice a difference after practicing Tantra. 🙂

As a woman, what can I learn to improve my erotic life?

As a woman, you can get to a better understanding of your body, exploring your erogenous areas. Many women have a lot of sexual problems, frustrations and blockages, because they are too shy to explore themselves or from bad experiences. Tantra teaches you to release all of them, using soft touches that can generate deep healing processes in your mind and soul.

This place offers maximum discretion?

Yes, we offer you discretion! We like to please our guests only with good and premium services, also regarding their personal life. So, only the therapist will get in touch with you, all your contact data will not be use in other purpose then the massage session.

How long time in advance do I need to make a booking for Tantric Touch massage?

Normally, you need to make a booking with 1 day before the massage session, by phone or email. If you have special request, like couple massage in the same room, you have to make a booking with 2 days before, in order to arrange the place. Also for fast booking, you can call us on this number: (+47) 966 50 918

How often can you come for a tantra massage?

For a Tantric Touch massage you can come every day, this type of massage does not have any contraindication.  There are some tantric techniques that are recommended to be made as often as possible.

Do you need to know something about tantra before you come for a tantric touch massage?

No, you don’t need to have a preparation in tantra before coming to our place. Our therapists will explain you everything you need to know about Tantra Massage.

What if I, as a man, get an erection and an orgasm during the massage?

It is a normal thing that the man get an erection during tantra massage, but our therapists will explain you and help you to work with your erotic energy, in order that the pleasure will last longer for you.

What if it hurts during the yoni massage for woman?

If the woman choses to have a Yoni massage, and it is hurting, the therapist will stop immediately, helping the woman to relax and to feel good. Generally, the Yoni massage doesn’t hurt, just give you pleasure and relaxation.

Can we as a couple receive a massage in the same room?

Yes, if you are a couple you can receive a massage in the same room, but this needs to be booked 2 days before.