Tantric Touch

Let me tell you

A secret...

Touching is one of the best way to obtain pleasure and to relax your body.

But what if the touch goes far then a simple massage? The secret techniques of tantric touch can help you to dive into another dimension of pleasure, relaxation and awakening.


…the perfect combination between sensuality, health and refinement. A nude sensual woman, who moves slowly, intensely, like in a sacred dance.  Her warm body will slide along your body, enchanting by the organic oils, romantic lights and special aromatherapy. All your senses will be awakened, one by one…

…and through Tantra, you have access to ancient touching techniques. Massaging the energetically points along your body, healing all the physically and energetically blockages, you are invited and taught to use one of the most powerful energy that human body has – erotic energy.  A mix between reflexology, long touches, deep breathing and visualization, Tantra massage opens the gate to your healing erotic energy, which is directed attentively by our therapist at all your levels, body, mind and spirit.

Let yourself

Surprised ....

… by the pleasure that the full body-to-body massage can offer to you and most of all, the lingam (penis) massage, a unique technique that helps you to regain trust, power and pleasure in all your body.

…by the beauty of our therapist. They will join you in this magical journey with sensuality and professionalism, being conscious of every touch and the energy that they use for your pleasure.

…and by the personalized experience in our intimate studio, situated next to the Oslo Opera House, high standards services, confidentiality, full attention on the comfort and your inner needs.

Be in the present


…allow yourself to dive into the unexpected, in this perfect destination of eroticism, relaxation and healing. Be part of this beautiful dance of senses, touches and sensuality. We will celebrate together the magic of present moment, being aware of every touch, breath, sound and sensation.

Time is what we think we have, but, in reality, time it’s the only thing we don’t have enough. When we live quality moments, we enjoy them from all our heart. We don’t promise you that we can stop the time, but we can say that we will discover together the power of the present moment, the real time that we have. Do you dare to stop the time with us?


..the mysteries of tantric touch that can bring you the balance in all aspects of your life. Yes, Tantra can help you have a healthy body, learning how to work with your energies. But also, at a psychological level, you achieve a better understanding of life, of human beings and connections between people. You can use Tantric techniques to increase empathy, affection and inner power. Step by step, you can also heal some blockages and traumas that are stocked in your subconscious level.  In our studio, our therapists are able to teach you all of these secrets and to guide you to the next levels of awakening.


…with your deepest intimacy and erotic energy. Through deep relaxation, your mind can slow down the daily noise and you can hear your heart speaking. Make this journey a reason to learn about yourself, about sensuality and pure eroticism. Allow yourself to be free, to experience and to embrace all the sensations that you can feel through tantric touches.

This is the story of a unique tantric experience, embrace it with all your senses!



The most important aspect for us is to offer you an unforgettable sensorial experience, therefore your session at our place will be a personalized one.

Our sensitive and experienced therapists are trained to feel, as much as possible, your inner needs, to follow them during the session and to adjust, moment by moment, the touching manner that way is the most proper and comfortable for you.

For a plus of delicious intimacy, the lovely therapist will use her femininity in movements and touches with all her body, getting in touch with most of your body, in a special massage technique – Body to body massage, which includes a delicate Lingam/Yoni Massage.

We are attentively following to create a magic space where you can safely let yourself driven into these tantric special energies and flow deep within.