Tantric Touch


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Set in an intimate setting, Tantric Touch is the perfect destination for clients who want to experience the most sensual and deepest erotic experiences. The location is situated near the city center, next to the Oslo Opera House.

The experience gained in this field, for more than 9 years, is an advantage in understanding the needs of our clients to connect, conscious touch, love, pure eroticism. Simultaneously, it benefits from total discretion, data confidentiality and optimal seriousness.

Tantra brings you

back to yourself

Today’s society is so demanding that many people live disconnected from their bodies, from their souls, from each other. We need to recuperate this deep intimacy and reconnection with ourselves and others and to enjoy life in a complete state of delight.

We invite you to create real connection, to feel your soul, and to awaken the sense of complete presence into deep feelings of joy and fulfillment, trust, and well-being!


tantric touch

Tantric Touch is a tantric massage studio that offers authentic tantric massage for men, women and couples. The three types of massage we call: Blissful Touch, Joyful Touch, Ecstatic Touch and the Ritual Shower meet the needs of each client because a process of osmosis of the body with the soul is triggered, they become one with harmony, simplicity, love, and eros. This mystery of tantric touching envelops you and offers you the possibility to explore an unsuspected universe of your being, which once discovered can transform your life completely.

We’ve learned that in this world to receive is to offer, to be happy is to create happiness around you, to be loved is to offer love, to be served is to serve, therefore we come with our knowledge and skills to bring you the understanding and the experience of the amazing and innate capabilities you already have, to become the best version of yourself, by learning how to use and transform your erotic energies into love, power, and consciousness.

We are proficient in different types of massage, we have profound knowledge of the subtle anatomy of the human body and how to heal using sensual energy.

The tantric massage is “the kiss of the bodies and the embrace of the souls”. It is a deep encounter of energies in the meeting point of what can be felt with all that is unseen, an inner dance on a special rhythm that is taking us deeper into the realms of our spirit. It is a caress and a celebration of the spirit which needs our full attention. It cannot be reduced to swift gestures or to simple tactile pressures that regenerate; it is much more than that. It is the act of accessing the most inner chambers of the soul by a sublime touch.

 Tantra is about letting go, it’s a pleasurable journey leading to total bliss. Being open and knowing your body will allow you to experience freedom, enjoyment, and happiness without feeling guilty about it.

Our tantric massage means a sensual discovery of your own erotic and spiritual self with the help of different intimate massage techniques. Your whole body will be touched in a tender and sensual way, focusing on us to eliminate your tensions and blockages. You will learn to connect with yourself, allowing you to be more in the present and aware of your life. You will be able to refine your life and have a more fulfilling life experience.



The most important aspect for us is to offer you an unforgettable sensorial experience, therefore your session at our place will be a personalized one.

Our sensitive and experienced therapists are trained to feel, as much as possible, your inner needs, to follow them during the session and to adjust, moment by moment, the touching manner that way is the most proper and comfortable for you.

We are attentively following to create a magic space where you can safely let yourself driven into these tantric special energies and flow deep within.