Special couple experience

The ultimate couple experience is to get both of you an ecstatic tantra massage in the same time. This kind of thing make it grow confidence, passion and love in your relationship

How is this possible? The feminine energy needs more time to relax physically and most of it mentally. And the massage is the best way to get there for a woman. It s like a prelude. The woman can be surprised of what she can feel when she knows that the man she loves that is having a massage in the same time, even though he is in the next door room. . Can be a very good start for exploring more erotic games and things into your relationship. Also, the woman can live extraordinary experience during the tantra massage that can be very fulfilling for her and for the man who knows that. She can reach the state of orgasm during the massage, at the energetically level and that it s an unique thing and very exciting for her lover.

The man can easily get excited by the idea that his lover is living intense erotic states in the other room.. And the pleasure is double because even if he can’t see it, he feels it and imagine it in the same time. And maybe hear it, why not?!

The mind of a man is more easily to relax letting him enjoy fully the experience. Imagination can reach higher levels when you have involved all the sense. That’s why this kind of experience can rise the intensity and exciting activities in your couple. Starting with a couple tantra massage, exploring the eroticism and the pleasure, in the same time, in different rooms, made by two beautiful therapists, in a very professional, safe and exciting way.

Why confidence? Because this kind of couple activity requires more then curiosity, requires trust and a state o mental relaxation to give to each other reasons for an outstanding experience. And involving other persons in this, can build a solid state of transparency and confidence between you two. The base pf a strong couple is this trust and opening of the mind and tantra is one the best tool for your relationship.

Love? Yes, this tantric experience can be a proof of love for each other, by wishing so much pleasure for the other one, in a way that it s not so common. In an exquisite way, by trying something new and very exciting like a professional tantra massage. When you wish that the one you love to have such a great experience, in the same time as you, it can come from a big love behind.

Most of the couples who try this tantra massage they increase their level of communication, intimacy and pleasure in their life. Also, attraction in the relationship can be improved by this tantric approach, making both of you craving for each other’s erotic states.

A very nice quote in tantra says that a tantric lover only wishes to make his or her lover happiest more and more, in a continuous way. So, take your lover to an amazing tantric realm!