Tantric Massage

Massages for Women


the goddess within!

In the fever of everyday life we are always active, we waste our energy and deny ourselves the pleasure to explore our body, but the woman’s body is designed for pleasure and most of us still have no intuition of the power behind it!

It's time for healing

and connecting with your soul!

We are glad to help you step into your own power, self-love and appreciation, into creating a better vision of the future were the woman can heal herself. So please, come with confidence! The tantra massage will awaken the senses in your entire body, will create a flow of blissful energy in your consciousness. This energy can reconnect and make you aware of your spiritual soul. The tantra massage is a true journey to the depths of your being and has as a purpose to awaken and unlock tremendous energy that will lead you to bound with aspects you have forgotten, never gave too much attention, or never knew existed, with that feminine potential that lays untapped, that is pure art, pure genius, pure bliss. But first step will be the healing, because sexual organs stores the energies of past negative emotions, of broken relationships, shame, guilt, fear, feelings of unworthiness, stress, loneliness, jealousy, anger, all those things that once hurt. A major cause of suffering comes also from men that entered into your heart (the cervix is the reflexology point for heart) without prior existence of love. The society teaches us that we should appear opened, but sex without love is a cause of great damage, it hurts the soul and closes our hearts for love. All these will be healed too. Once all these energies are cleared from your body and your energy will flow free, you will discover a better version of who you really are! The light of your soul will shape a joyful reality as you want it to be, because now you become aware of your inner power and free yourself from the limitations you once put on yourself. Healing is a process that cannot be treated superficially, it is a deep journey to your most authentic self, it starts with you and your acceptance and it ends also with you and your desire to grow and expand indefinitely.

My dear, woman,

you are a tantric by design!

In tantric texts the woman is depicted with a perfect ability to transform the sexual pleasure into love and spiritual creative energy. The yoni was regarded as sacred because it was seen as the source of all creation…. but we were not educated on how to use our potential. Therefore, the best gift you can give to yourself is the tantra massage, in order to unfold the secrets behind it! So you can experience a tantric massage in the most profound way possible, go deeper into relaxation and pleasure with every breath. The massage will be adapted to your needs, to the insights and intuitions of the therapist (that will be a woman), and to the communications of what you feel and desire. The massage is meant to awaken your erotic energy and spread it with delightful touches throughout your entire body, but the key is to surrender yourself in pleasure, relax and let that energy expand your mind with every breath. During the massage it will be possible to receive a yoni (female sexual organ) massage, we highly recommend it because it has a tremendous healing power.

Yoni massage

the therapy of pleasure

With yoni massage you can heal at emotional level, releasing anxiety, stress, past trauma, but the effects are very clear also at physical level preventing or helping with issues like intercourse pain, menstrual pain, cellulite, radiant beauty and rejuvenation, hormonal balance, eliminating the causes for other illnesses, and numerous other beneficial health effects. But what we like most is that we will help you enjoy more your sexual life, connect deeply with yourself, your partner, get aroused easier, enjoy multiple orgasms, be confident, empowered, be happy and free!

The woman is born to be a goddess, an ocean of love and compassion that nurtures and heals the world!

The apotheosis in Tantra is for a woman to learn how to use her sexual energy, to become a creative genius, to get free of manipulation and distraction from her higher purpose, to get in touch with her soul, become aware of her mission in life and manifest it, awaken her intuition, her consciousness and the wisdom of the heart….

Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

1300 Kr

Joyful Touch is a 60 min dive into the wonderful states of eroticism, pleasure and fantasy. These beatific touches will propel you to the heights of sensuality for the first experience with tantric massage. We use relaxing, long touches to stimulate and activate your whole body, along with breathing techniques to calm the mind.

*This session does not include yoni massage

Blissful Touch

90 min

1700 Kr

Blisful Touch is a 90 min sensual body massage that will allow you to relax and reconnect with your feminine essence.Experience the pleasure of being touched in a loving way without anything expected in return.

*Yoni massage optional

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

2200 Kr

Ecstatic Touch is a deluxe and deep healing full body massage for 120 min. Through this type of warm, sensual and delicate massage with body contact along with tantric techniques will harmonize your whole being allowing healing to take place. In this massage you will experience easily specific states of pure eros that will trigger in new vision of sexuality and eroticism.

*Yoni massage optional