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to our studio!

If you are searching for a very pleasant relaxation state, in an intimate environment, discreetly scented with natural flavours, with warm lights and suitable music for relaxation, you are welcome in our studio. You will be welcomed by one of our therapists, who will take you in her care, during your staying at our place. We hope that you will feel this staying as an initiatory journey into another dimension, in which you will explore in a different way, both your body and your inner universe, under completely new aspects, both through the senses and the environment. We will provide everything you need for your maximum comfort.
If this is the first time when you hear about tantric massage, we will briefly offer you some significant information that we hope to be clarifying about this type of massage. If you already know these information, you can read them for remembrance, and… who knows, maybe you will discover nuances that can be new and attractive for you and you will feel the call of coming for a concretely tantric touch in our studio.
Tantric massage is the most special for whom he wants relaxation, delights, the awakening of erotic energy, sensuality, magic, energy effervescence, refined pleasure of the senses, joy, enjoyment … Of course, depending on the openness of each one, much more effects can be felt, both physical and subtle.
This type of massage tip combines the classic touch of the relaxation massage, sometimes delicate, sometimes firmer, with sensual touch meant to activate the erotic energy, stimulate or amplify it.
Sensuality is an important component of this type of massage, so you will fully benefit of it. Our therapists are beautiful, caring, courteous, sensual women, ready to offer you an exceptional massage, a whole new experience of activating and exploring your sensuality. It is only necessary to relax and surrender actively and consciously, to the skilful touches and professional guidance of the masseuse! She is there to help you travel safely and comfortably, this sensory, emotional and mental journey, among moments of relaxation and peaks of sensual pleasure.
The massage will be provided in an affectionate and sensual way at the same time. If in the beginning, to induce a deeper relaxation state, the therapist will mostly use soft stimulation like silky hair and soft fingers, later, to energize the erotic energy, she will mainly use her whole body to touch you.
You will feel in a pleasant and exciting way, her palms, with softer or firmer alternative touches, delicate breasts, and where a deeper touch is required, you will feel her forearms or knees, keeping the general sensual line of the massage. The delicate and at the same time voluptuous feminine shapes undulating your body, its provocative personality in a mysterious and refined way, will create a wide range of sensations full of eroticism. You will certainly be much more aware of your body and your own sexuality, through the energies aroused by this massage.

Explore your own intimacy.

Lingam massage, the special attention you deserve.

An area that will benefit from special attention will be your intimate area, both the penis and the testicles, the entire perineal and prostate area, on the outside. The Sanskrit name of the penis is “lingam” or “wand of light”. By this name it is given a symbolic value because lingam is the essence of the masculine energy concentrated in one place. Therefore, the massage of the lingam will stimulate this energy, will make it circulate in successive waves, from the intimate area to the extremities of the body, through various movements, finer or stronger, by sliding, squeezing or twisting.
This massage of the most intimate areas will make you feel multiple sensations of pleasure meant to lead sexual energy in orgasmic waves to the heart and head, transforming it into another sources of energy, mental, spiritual, which you can use later as new sources of inner power and deep transformation.
We hope that all this information challenged your interest and curiosity to visit us. Always, the first experience in a place like our studio, will be an experience of exploring the unknown. It is very possible to be shy, or slightly skeptical, it is quite natural!
You do not know the place, you do not know the therapist, you may not even know what this type of massage involves… but we assure you that these fears will be dissolved once you assume this adventure and step into a new experience, on the tantric path. After your first visit, with these fears removed, your experience will be greatly enhanced by a much more deeper relaxation.
We are waiting for you to travel together in a unique way, to the magical, sensory and energetic complex world, revealed by the tantric massage!

Tantric massage types

Joyful Touch

60 min

1300 Kr

Joyful Touch is a 60-min dive into the wonderful states of eroticism, pleasure, and fantasy. These beatific touches will propel you to the heights of sensuality for the first experience with tantric massage.The lingam massage is included and is designed for a better knowledge of one’s sexuality, through a conscious exploration.

Blissful Touch

90 min

1700 Kr.

Blissful Touch is a 90-min relaxing full body massage including body to body and lingam massage that will allow you to relax and reconnect with your pure eros .Awakening your erotic energy will make you feel intense states of pleasure, which will be redirected upwards, and thus the states you experience will last longer.

Ecstatic Touch

120 min

2200 Kr

Ecstatic Touch is a deluxe sensual, healing full body and lingam massage for 120 min. In this session, you will have a longer body to body touch and more time to go deeper and reconnect with your pure eros energy.